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Office Space Planning Design

At Pamper Haus Team,  we understands that a critical element for project success is quality, professional design support. Trope Group has the creativity, skills, experience, and technology to help you achieve and sustain your business goals.

Our design team specializes in facilities planning and commercial interiors. They are knowledgeable of codes and regulations, fabric and color schemes, and new flexible work styles.

Pamper Haus Design Team is ready to serve as a resource to your own architect or designer if you have one. We have worked extensively with the local Architecture and Design community and have established working relationships with many firms.


Our space planning and design services start with in-depth research into your requirements for interior spaces:

  • Adjacencies, teams & work zones

  • Work styles & job functions

  • Storage needs – shared & individual

  • Privacy & concentration / Collaboration & teamwork

  • Access to natural light

  • LEED certification

  • Square footage allocations

  • Space utilization

  • Technology integration

  • Interior design aesthetic

  • Corporate image/brand

Design Proposal

After understanding your needs, we prepare a design proposal that may include the following services:

  • Field measuring

  • Space planning

  • Standards & typical development

  • Furniture & product specifications

  • Project budget

  • Furniture floor plans

  • 3D drawings or renderings

  • Digital presentations

  • Fabric & finish selection

  • Color & materials boards

  • Installation drawings

Tools of the trade

Using state-of-the-art CAD systems, we develop workstation layouts and installation drawings to scale so that we can make an exact product count. Then the CAD specifications are converted into factory orders that allow the manufacture and shipment of products consistent with project schedules and construction progress. We can also lay out your workspace including architectural features using Google SketchUp or Z-Axis design software so you can visualize these spaces dynamically in 2D or 3D renderings.

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