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Home Staging 

Our services

At Pamper Haus Staging & Design we work directly with homeowners, realtors and builders in SF Bay Area.  With three convenient staging options available, we are able to cater to the needs of every seller.

Staging Consultation

We guide you, room by room, through the staging process, providing you with the necessary steps needed to stage your own home and create an outstanding first impression. You will learn how to complete the staging on your own with our useful tips and advice regarding simple changes specific to your space and needs.

Partial Staging – Furniture and Accessory Rental

Partial-Staging your home for re-sale does not always imply that you must remove all of your belongings and start with a fresh palette. Certain properties require the addition of only a few pieces that will help the space come alive and allow potential buyers to see future possibilities.

With this option, we begin with an initial staging consultation and guide you through the staging process. Together, we will determine the best way to maximize the potential of your home, then, choose the appropriate pieces from our vast inventory to coordinate with your existing furniture and colour scheme. When decisions have been made and an agreement met, we will take care of the entire home staging process for you. From managing delivery to the placement of any rented furniture pieces and decorative accessories, we will make sure that your home is market ready!

Full Staging – Furniture and Accessory Rental

When a property is left empty, it is often hard for buyers to see the potential of your space. Some homes have strange angles, small nooks or, are often so large, that it is hard to envision how the home can be broken down into comfortable living spaces.

Our full staging option is perfect for empty properties. We will provide you with a free estimate to fully furnish your home while maintaining and meeting the marketing goals of your realtor. Whether you have already moved, locally or out of town, and are selling your space from afar, we will take care of all the details with your realtor from start to finish. Our goal is to help you get the best return on your investment without lifting a finger yourself!

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