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Landscaping Design

Choosing to hire a designer to take your ideas and paint a cohesive picture for you is, ultimately, an investment with long-term returns. At Pamper Haus Staging & Design our Interior Designers will listen to your wants and needs and guide you through the design process, helping you increase the usability and functionality of your home. We not only facilitate the creative process but work to give you the best experience possible while creating a haven in which you can live, work and play. In your space, you are our top priority!



A consultation with a member of the Pamper Haus Team begins the design process. Modifies the visible features of an area of land, including: gardening, swimming pool, patio, water fountain and lighting fixtures.  We’re here to help with our expertise and friendly advice.

Concept Development:
Our Project Manager will work with you to determine the direction of your project and create a plan that is individualized to your specific needs. Creating a space that is unique to you starts here!

Space Planning:
Every room is unique. An analysis of your pre-existing architectural features will help us create new flow patterns to optimize the use of space and improve traffic flow throughout your space. Drafted plans of your project will include furniture placement to ensure the best lay out for your project.

Finishes and Material Selection:
We will source and select base finishes and materials such as stone selections, flooring, and lawns that unify the elements of your new space while still being functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Construction and Specification Documentation:
We will create detailed construction drawings to guide trades people in the completion of a project is an essential service we provide. Such documentation includes AutoCAD drawings, elevations, renderings and perspectives, all of which are suitable for submission to city planning departments for building permit applications.


Furnishing and Staging

Project Completion: Shopping is fun for some and daunting for others. Our personalized shopping services are tailored to suit your needs, whether you enjoy in-person guidance or prefer to select furniture pieces, artwork and accessories as suggested by our designers. Once the final look is completed, tour team will be on hand to install your selections and ensure everything looks just right.

Project Management:
With a group of trusted handymen and tradesmen to call upon, our team will coordinate contractors, source materials and finishes, set appropriate timelines and prepare a realistic budget to provide a much needed peace of mind for you, our valued clients.

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